Narungga Fishing and Harvesting Plan

NNAC is currently in the process of establishing the Narungga Fishing and Aquaculture Company to oversee operations and licenses that are negotiated under the Buthera Agreement with the State Government. 

Indigenous Land and Sea Corporation (ILSC) has agreed to assist NNAC in the development of the Narungga fishing and harvesting plan. The plan will provide a platform for business development, strategic direction, procure licenses and infrastructure creating economic and financial stability.

      Current Activities


Co Management Innes National Park (Dipla Guuranda)

NNAC has co-opted four Narungga people to the Innes National Park Co-Management Board, and in a first, the Minister for Environment and Water has agreed to a Narungga representative be the inaugural Chair, Mr Doug Milera. Doug will be supported by Lynette Newchurch, Carlo Sansbury and Cyril Kartinyeri. The aim is to Co-Manage the park, and for the Narungga Rights and Interest be a priority including access (no park entry fees) and employment and economic opportunities.

Social Services Schedule

NNAC has met with all government departments and is currently progressing towards the development of strategic frameworks that encompass the agreed and negotiated deliverables in the agreement. Progress and activity updates will be provided through this website and other forms of communication.


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